Thursday, June 17, 2010

NBA Finals: Lakers Vs Celtics Game 7

Hello folks.Today, I am extremely excited for one reason only. GAME 7 between two of the most storied franchises in NBA history. In one corner, we have the Los Angeles Lakers coming off a monstrous blowout win in the Staples Center to force a game 7. Can they continue to feed off the adrenaline and take home the franchise's 17th championship. In their way is the spunky veteran team, the Boston Celtics. Led by their spitfire catalyst, Rajon Rondo, the Celts look poise to increase their monopoly atop the NBA hierarchy with their 18th title. Whatever happens, it's going to be ONE intense and awesome game to watch, that'll be sure!

Keys to the Game: Lakers
1) Control The Boards - Rebounds WILL be very big in this game. The team who controlled the boards in this series thus far have gone on to win the game (6-0). With Kendrick Perkins out of the line up, the Lakers must expose this now undersized Boston team with their length. With Bynum getting limited minutes, it is up to Gasol and Odom to pick up the slack. DFish must also box out Rondo to stop Rajon's from sneaking in and grabbing uncontested rebounds. If the Lakers are able to lock up the boards, expect a Lakers win!

2) Rajon Rondo - The speedy guard from Boston is the prime catalyst for the Celtics Offense. And the Lakers must stop him from controlling the flow of the game too much. Rondo is leading the Celtics in assists, steals, and rebounds (wtf?!) Slowing Rondo will let the Lakers control the tempo of the game like Game 6.

3) Bench - Although I predict that the bench playing time for both teams will be fairly limited, the time they spend ingame will be very important. In addition to giving the starters a rest, they will be very important in either maintaining a lead or chipping away at a lead. The Lakers' bench must rise to the occasion once again or the Lakers will have a very tough time to win. Luckily, the Lakers have home court advantage allowing players like Sasha, Farmar, and Odom to break out of their "road awfulness" funk and feed on the energy of the home crowd.

4) Help for Kobe - We know that Kobe will bring his A game. Knowing that Pierce and Rondo will have solid performances, Garnett getting more comfortable within the offense, and Allen trying to find his stride again, who will respond for the Lakers? Gasol must have a HUGE game with Odom and Artest contributing enough for the Lakers to win decisively. With KP out for game 7 and a likely undersized Big Baby guarding the Laker's big men, there is a HUGE possibility this can happen.

5) And most importantly, DEFENSE - Defense win championships. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If the Lakers want to send a message to the Celtics, they must be vigilant in limiting the effectiveness of Pierce and Rondo. Also they need to block off KG dribble left into fade away shot. If Gasol can force him to dribble the other way, expect a very ineffective KG in tonight's game. It is no wonder that the two best Lakers game this series were also the two games that the Lakers played a defense that would be consider "good".

Los Angeles Lakers 98
Boston Celtics 89

Kobe and Gasol will have HUGE nights. Artest contributing 10-14. Bynum not contributing much to the box score, but a huge presence down low when he is in and a huge surge thanks to the bench led by Farmar. Rondo and Pierce keeps it close with Allen knocking down a few threes late into the game but the Lakers will pull away in the last minutes of the ballgame.

Finals MVP: Kobe Bryant

Looking forward to an EPIC game 7!!!!! :)

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